CURRENTS OF LIFE (TV series) – Abdulquadir Schabel by Daniela Creutz [24:18′]

CURRENTS OF LIFE  is a 10-series film episode, developed by producer/director Daniela Creutz for the International Documentary Channel PTV. Each episode gives an account to the personal stories of Germans who converted to Islam. Each film depicts the convert’s backstory and life–development and offers an intimate, honest insight into their belief and faith as they go along.

Abdulquadir Schabel, was born in 1958 in Birkenaus, Germany. He converted to Islam in 1979. He is married to his wife Fatana from Afganistan with three sons, Haroun (30), Samir (27) and Idris (14) all living in Germany now.

Abdulqadir has been always drawn to Islam. In young age already, he travelled several times to the Orient. He even stayed there for one year, in Agadir Marokko, and worked as a bookbinder which became his profession later on. This was a time when the most significant influence Islam has had on his life.

Back in Germany, in 1985, he enjoyed the education as a bibliopegist. To this date, this is his profession.

Since his conversion in 1979, Abdulqadir has been very active in his work and deeds as a Muslim ever since. He stopped his profession as a bibliopegist for a short time and started to found the very first German speaking Centre, called „Haus des Islam“ („House of Islam“). He worked for this project full time for more than three years, and lateron, in an honorary capacity. Following this, he continued as an organisator for the Da’ wa. He opened information stands in Mannheim as well open days for Mosques and became the referend at dialogues for various Muslim events. In 1997, he stepped up as an independent referend for national dialogues in public institutions, universities, churches as well consulting the federal police forces in questions on Islam at the airport, in Frankfurt.

Abdulqadir made a strong decision back in 1977. After his ‚first’ Hajj to Mecca, he asked a friend and organisator of „the House of Islam“ to help him find a Muslim woman to get married to. Through this friend, an arrangement was made for him to meet Fatana when he travelled to Mecca. They got married in 1984. He closely works and collaborates with his wife now, who herself, is very active with supporting Muslim youths in Germany, or consulting women groups in family issues. She supports mutual dialogues between Muslims and Christians.


Produktion: Blue Circe Productions |
Producer: Daniela Creutz |
Director: Daniela Creutz |
Cinematographer: Felix Remter |
Broadcast Channel: International Documentary Channel PTV