CURRENTS OF LIFE (TV series) – Hanno Sombach by Daniela Creutz [25′]

CURRENTS OF LIFE  is a 10-series film episode developed by producer/director Daniela Creutz. Each episode gives an account to the personal stories of Germans who converted to Islam. Each film depicts the convert’s backstory and life–development and offers an intimate, honest insight into their belief and faith as they go along.

Hanno Sombach, was born in 1965, in Reschitza, Romania. His parents are German and emigrated back to Germany, in 1987. Hanno converted to Islam in 2014. Hanno was 13 years old when he came to Germany. His mother got a job as a technical drawer and his father as an engineer. Even though his family were descendants from Germany he often felt alien….


Produktion: Blue Circe Productions |
Producer: Daniela Creutz |
Director: Daniela Creutz |
Cinematographer: Felix Remter |
Broadcast Channel: International Documentary Channel PTV