CURRENTS OF LIFE (TV series) – Mariam Geist by Daniela Creutz (24:11′)

CURRENTS OF LIFE  is a 10-series film episode developed by producer/director Daniela Creutz. Each episode gives an account to the personal stories of Germans who converted to Islam. Each film depicts the convert’s backstory and life–development and offers an intimate, honest insight into their belief and faith as they go along.

Mariam Geistt (40), grew up near Halle, in Germany. She holds a masters in public administration and studied sports science, in addition. Professionally, she started to work in a hospital to write medical diagnostics. Mariam got in touch with Islam for the first time in her student’s residental home where she met a young Maroccan woman, Halima, who became her friend. Halima, told her many things about Islam, principles which Mariam believed in, too. But back then, Mariam believed in Christianty as she had been brought up as Catholic with strict parents. But during those next months, something strange happened. Mariam felt more and more growing closer to Islam. She was deeply moved by all that her friend told her about the religion. It slowly dawned to her that everything she believed in was represented and integrated already in Islam. How could she not follow this beautiful path and learn more? After six months, she spoke the Shahaada and felt upmost relieved and happy about her life decision.


Produktion: Blue Circe Productions |
Producer: Daniela Creutz |
Director: Daniela Creutz |
Cinematographer: Felix Remter |
Broadcast Channel: International Documentary Channel PTV