The story is about intuition and an every day urban experience of two strangers who meet in a park in New York City. Mr. Glonn, a 50-year-old New York city-dweller is catapulted into a roller coaster of emotions, when he finds himself betrothed into a conversation with a young out-of-town American who sits down next to him on a park bench. The young man comes up with a horrendous story, a misfortune that just had happened. Glonn listens politely but doesn’t buy into the story. When the young man asks Mr. Glonn to help him out and lend him some money, Mr. Glonn asks for proof. The young man cannot bring the proof and leaves frustrated and humiliated. Mr. Glonn looks after him, with gleeful satisfaction.


Genre: Comedy Drama | Year of production: 1997 | Length: 15min |

Country of Production: USA/GERM | Production: Blue Circe Productions in co-production with ProSieben, Film Academy New York | Screenplay and Director: Daniela Creutz | Producers: Daniela Creutz, Natalie Lichtenthaeler |  Cinematographie: Lloyd Handwerker  | Music Composer: Alessandro Ricciarelli | Cast: Richard Yanowitz, Gene Silvers, Michael Sterling, Jim Fromewick, Bob Bello