“NOBEL VOICES” 33 documentary segments on the most famous Nobel Laureates

The Lemelson Center received generous support for “NOBEL VOICES” from the Lemelson Foundation. The exhibit was developed in collaboration with the Deutsches Museum Bonn in Germany and the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, with the cooperation of the Meetings of Nobel Prize Winners in Lindau, Germany, annually convened by Countess Sonja Bernadotte of Wisborg, Sweden. “NOBEL VOICES” explores the motivation and vision of Nobel laureates and the history of Alfred Nobel and his prize. It features personal video interviews of laureates, candid photographic portraits and original artifacts, including Albert Einstein’s pipe and William Faulkner’s tweed jacket and typewriter.

This Interview is on Nobel Prize Winner “Gerad T’hooft”.

Directed by: Daniela Creutz N. Hollander

Genre: Documentary / Video Installation| Co-Productions: Smithsonian Museum, Deutsches Museum | Length: 60 min | Country of Production: USA/GERM | Written and directed by: Daniela Creutz & N. Hollander