CURRENTS OF LIFE (TV series) – Lena Meryem by Daniela Creutz (24:08′)

CURRENTS OF LIFE  is a 10-series film episode developed by producer/director Daniela Creutz. Each episode gives an account to the personal stories of Germans who converted to Islam. Each film depicts the convert’s backstory and life–development and offers an intimate, honest insight into their belief and faith as they go along.

Lena Meryem Wielandt is 20 years old and lives near Frankfurt, in Germany. She grew up

in a Protestant Christian family with her parents and one younger brother, Sven. At the

moment she is making her Abitur (hightschool examination). Her dream is to study either

design or Islamic Sciences. She just recently got married to a Muslim man from Pakistan.

Maryem remembers that her life changed completely due to her new path as a Muslim. It

all started in the year 2009, with her girlfriend, Rumeysa and her lovely familiy, who were

Muslims. She describes that after accepting Islam, her perception on life, her goals, her

entire environment, as well her attitude changed.

But her journey wasn’t just easy. Maryem converted to Islam in the summer of 2011. Her

girlfriend’s family had invited her to do so. They always treated her warm-heartedly and she

felt at home with them, even though they originated from a different culture. When she

adopted Islam she felt very greatful. But slowly, she realized that she didn’t believe enough.

More and more scepsis came to light. They gave her books to read as well the Qu’ran in

German. But still, she felt at a loss. With a lot of sadness, she confessed her predicament

to her good friend. Rumeysa asked her an important question: „How can you believe in

something you hardly know?“ It was like an awakening. Maryem started to think how to

change this sad truth, and she began to study Islam intensively. The more knowledge she

gained over time, the more she appreciated the logic behind the religion. But the very

moment that convinced her completely was, when she listened to the Qu’ran in original

language (in Arabic) – and she started to cry. She couldnt stop her tears anymore. She felt

that she was laughing (out of joy) and crying (out of relief) at the same time, and wished

that this feeling of bliss would last forever. Every day now, she is discovering something new.


Produktion: Blue Circe Productions |
Producer: Daniela Creutz |
Director: Daniela Creutz |
Cinematographer: Felix Remter |
Broadcast Channel: International Documentary Channel PTV


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