CAPTIVATED | Award Winner Short (30 min.)

CAPTIVATED | Shortfilm (30 min.) by Daniela Creutz

Based on a classic Russian tale, CAPITIVATED tells the unlikely story of Therese, a Polish immigrant, and André, a Fulton Fish Market worker in contemporary New York City.  Both came to the Big Apple with big dreams: Therese to start a new life in a new country and Andre to become an accomplished writer.  Both now work night-shift jobs just to keep afloat, she at a Polish Bakery baking loaves of bread before dawn and he gutting fish in the middle of the night… both are barely making a living and have scarcely enough room to nurture their dreams.

Their paths cross when Andre moves in above Therese’ flat in the Lower East Side and into a not-so-ideal situation. His roommate Joe isn’t particularly welcoming and the brash and off-putting Therese takes on an unwelcome shine to Andre.

Eventually Therese shows up with a seductive glimmer in her eyes and hassles Andre to help her write a letter to her ‘boyfriend’.  Andre helps, but half-heartedly…little does he know that this is the beginning of a love he’s been searching for.

Genre: Comedy Drama | Year of production: 2007 | Length: 30min |

Country of Production: USA | Production: Blue Circe Productions in co-production with ARRI Studios | Screenplay and Director: Daniela Creutz | Producers: Daniela Creutz, Natacha Ruck |  Cinematographer: Roland Vuskovic  | Music Composer: Ori Kaplan [Band: Balkan Beat Box] | Cast: Pamela J. Gray, Jeremy Xido, Dave Simonds, Esra Gaffin

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